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Disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler & reloads

The disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler & reloads we produce meet international standard which is widely used in many famous hospitals. It is also called disposable laparoscopic stapler, disposable gastrointestinal anastomosis device. In endoscopic and open surgery, Disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler & reloads is used to cut-off, resection and anastomosis tissues.

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Disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler & reloads
General specifications:
Product name Disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler & reloads
Utility For endoscopic surgery use
Place of origin China
OEM To be acceptable
Sterilization mode EO gas
Package Colored white cardboard with PVC
Inner package Dialyzing paper and blister box
Quality certificates CE/ISO
Delivery 25 days against deposit
Product specifications:
Type Height(mm) Stitching length(mm) Counts
JQQWA/B30W/B/G 2.5 31 42
JQQWA/B45W/B/G 2.5 46 66
JQQWA/B60W/B/G 2.5 61 90
Application: for endoscopic and open surgery of the digestive tract tissue off, resection and anastomosis.
1. One time cutting blades, nail brake and blades replacement at the same time, guarantee the blades always sharp, tissue cutting is complete, reduce tissue injury.
2. No matter what pin gate all with 6 rows of pin seam, guarantee endoscopic surgery safety.
3. Three rows of staple height are different, which ensure the consistent results.
4. Symmetric ergonomic design that can do operation with both right or left hands.
5. A safety lock device, avoid used nail brake secondary firing, guarantee opeartion security.
6. Wide nail brake front opening, convenient organization. Thin hammer anvil design, without separation greater gap, smooth entering, reduce tissue injury.
7. The nail brake can be rotated in 360° and 90° degree, flexible operation.
8. The same appratus can be used with different types of nail brake, reduce operating heavy and complicated.
9. The equipment can be replaced with different components in the same operation, reducing medical cost.
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