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Nebulization therapy
2018-02-04 08:48:25
Nebulizer therapy is an effective and efficient way to deliver medications directly into the lungs by inhalation, which can achieve the respiratory mucosal moist, anti-inflammatory, anti-asthma and other therapeutic purposes.
1.Fast effect
Compared with intravenous infusion, nebulizer therapy acts directly on the diseased parts of the respiratory system, and the mucosa absorbs quickly.
2.Few side-effect
The dosage of nebulization is only 1/8 ~1/4 of the intravenous infusion, and the local effect of dosage can effectively reduce the side effects of the drug in the whole body.
The cost of atomization is much lower than the infusion, the treatment time is short and the operation is convenient.
4.Combination of prevention and treatment
Western medicine nebulizer is mainly to alleviate symptoms, traditional Chinese medicine nebulizer can enhance the respiratory system immunity, treating both manifestation and root cause of disease.